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Blair McHugh, Newbies Swap hosted by Raelene Tooker    Leanne Sawtell

Beach swap, Kerry Jones        Sharon Ready       Heather Rapley 2003, NSW

Kerry Jones, Cats swap, July 2002          Donna Wells, using gold & copper Marvey on cold laminate.

Mel Lawrence  Michelle James, Sizzling Summer swap, Northam

Renae Rogers, Sizzling Summer Swap (hosted by me)

Judie Porter, The Little Challenge swap      Sizzling Sumer swap, march 2001  Lynda Currill

Sue Bown    Avis Wood     Hayley Williams  Yvette Berrey
 Gail Kirby    Lynne Keys  AliceMcKinney       SS april 01

Jodene Tripp, Cheer Me Up Swap     Leonie Mullins, Cheer Me Up swap, 15t May 2002

Colleen Kerrison, Tas.  Penny Black swap        Sue Gregory, pb swap may 2001

Elizabeth George, Penny Black Swap June 01       Kathy Hopkins, pb swap 2001

Secret Sister rak 1, April 2001            SS, week 4 April, 2001  Bev Mantle (Book)

Audrey Undewood, Celebration swap, Aug. 2001       Julie Blyth, Celebration swap

Kerry Jones, Celebration swap, Aug 2001       Colleen Kerrison

 Michelle Walpole, Celebration swap Aut. 2001 hosted by me.

Gail Sargent (Pick a card swap)      Carol Johnston, Celebration swap

Carol Johnston, Newbie Swap    Rikki Showell

Vickie Deans, flinger card

Shannen Watts-Hammer, Celebration swap             Kylie McLoughlin

     Bronwyn Rykiert, Celebration swap, 2001

Gwenyth Zwann    Rikki Showell, made during 'glitter class'.

Cathy Clifford, July 2000 (welcome to the rak list)            Renae Rogers

Bron Hogan, swap. 2001    Sharon Ewins, swap Nov. 2001

Bron Hogan      Bron Hogan        Bron Hogan


Margaret Wood, Cheer me up swap March 2001         Nicki Smith

Jenny Wiggins, Purple & Gold swap hosted by Michelle O'Haire.  Don't know which group, but.